Saturday, 9 September 2017

St. Margaret's Church, Horsforth.

The history of the church building started in 1865, when the incumbent of Horsforth parish was the Rev. W.H.B. Stocker. He, the parishioners and the patron of the living, Walter Spencer Stanhope, deemed the old Bell Chapel on The Green in Horsforth to be far too small to accommodate the size of the congregation. The Patron gave land for a new church.

Model of Bell Chapel 
in Horsforth museum.

You can see the land the Bell church was on here..


A lack of funds and enthusiasm caused long delay before the present church was actually built. Its designer, John L. Pearson, was architect also of Truro Cathedral and several churches in West Riding. The nave and chancel were completed and dedicated in 1883. The belfry, spire and porches were added later and dedicated in September 1901. thus, the full church building took over 36 years to complete.( link)

The first impression on entering the building is of light and space, helped greatly by the ten tinted clerestory windows, high above the nave.

The Reredos
The reredos is an interesting and extravagant piece of Edwardian sculpture designed by 
F.L. Pearson, son of the architect, it portrays our risen Lord triumphantly proclaiming the glorious truth of the resurrection.

The Organ

The organ has been restored several times, but the original casing made of Austrian oak is still in place. A local craftsman, Mr Arthur Shaw, made it in 1905.

Lady Chapel


Church mice 

A children's table and chairs donated from a school, has mice carved in one leg on the chairs and one under the table. 

Mice on a book case and another table.

The tower can be seen for miles around, the bells don't ring anymore but a recording is sounded for the time. I am not sure what the wooden slats are for.


From the outside the church is very impressive, the tower and it's presents. The inside feels very new and modern. They are a very active church with many groups and events going on all the time.

Leaflets on the history of the church available ( notes I have used throughout)



  1. It is good (and quite unusual) to see a church filled with so much light. I love the stained glass and the little wooden mice - do you know if they are connected with Robert Thompson? Lovely informative post again Amanda with super photos.

    As you say the exterior is very impressive and I like the carvings on the reredos inside.

    I find the newer more modern churches often have quite a different feel to the older buildings. Look forward to seeing where you visit next :)

    1. Thanks RR, yes St Margret's is very light , high ceilings too. The wooden mice will have been done by the mouse man as he came from the area, my sister mentioned which I can't remember , but one of the cafes in Settle were we lived had the mice on the tables there too.
      Amanda xx